Basilia. 20; Sept 22nd. California. 4rd Year College Student at Sacramento State. Kinesiology Major. Extroverted philanthropist; Key Club Alumni; Chaffey College CKI Vice President; Sac State CKI Public Relations Chair.
"Im in the moment of symphony, under a vision of death"



Dick riding IS NOT a form of transportation!!!!!!!! 

not with that attitude

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tonight’s selfies cause I wanna

sweater is from stay cute!

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so i saw ronald post about how his name was already a tumblr url so i check out my own name and what the actual fuck its taken. my name is so uncommon how even..

im leaving back to school next friday and im really sad about it.

im getting little panic attacks.

i feel really sad and lonely



❀ ghibli flower pots ❀

I want them all.

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TSUM TSUM山 #TsumTsum (at Disney Store)

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TSUM TSUM山 #TsumTsum (at Disney Store)

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Disney TsumTsum @tuyennnx3

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Disney TsumTsum

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Disney Tsum Tsum teaser


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